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Welcome to the home page of Candlepines – Undertakers of Distinction. As independent funeral directors in Melbourne, we offer our clients a range of funerary services, products and options to meet different religious, cultural, customary and personal needs. We understand that arranging a funeral is one of the most difficult, sad and stressful things a family can do, which is why we go out of our way to support our clients through the process from beginning to end. For a caring, supportive and professional farewell experience for your loved one, you can rely on our funeral directors, each of whom have had years of experience both in Australia and overseas.

Candlepines funerals and funeral-alternative arrangements are personal, tailored to the wishes of the departed as well as to the practical needs of family and friends. We provide both traditional and practical contemporary options, so you can celebrate the life of your loved one the way they deserve to be celebrated. Unlike some funeral homes in Melbourne, nothing comes ‘standard’, and you will not be pressured into a set style of ceremony.

Practical Choices
Funerals MelbourneWe are often approached by families who want to respect the wishes of their loved one, but feel troubled about the choice they have been left with. If your loved one has expressed wishes that they do not want a service, that is okay. Talk to us about the choices available – we are practical too!Contact candlepines funeral directors
Traditional Choices
Funeral Services
Increasingly, families are seeking to make choices to personalise ceremonies for people they have loved. We help families create a service that honours their loved ones and meets the needs of both the family and friends.Traditional Funeral Services
Pre-Paid Funerals
Prepaid Funerals
There are many benefits of prearranging your funeral and cremation or burial. The first is the ability to lock-in your future funeral costs at today’s prices. You also have the opportunity to specify exactly the type of services and arrangements you want.PrePaid Funerals