Cremation is an increasingly popular choice for families (and individuals pre-arranging their own funerals):

  • It is more affordable (both immediately and in the long term) than burial in a cemetery
  • Widely considered to be more environmentally friendly
  • Ashes can be scattered at location(s) of choice: further personalises the farewell
  • Urns can include symbolically significant designs / inscriptions (message, poem, verse)
  • Urns can be displayed at family homes
  • Cremation is traditional in many cultures who believe that fire is a ritually/spiritually purifying element.

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Cremation Urns

Tree of Life







Black & Gold

Murray Oak

Solid Oak Gloss Finish

Murray Blackwood

Solid Tasmanian Blackwood, Satin Finish


Rosewood Gloss Finish (Jaillo Teak also available)Traditional Jarrah – Solid Pine, Jarrah Gloss Finish (Walnut & Natural Gloss Finish also available)

Traditional Rosewood

Solid Pine, Rosewood Gloss Finish (Walnut & Natural Gloss Finish also available)

Traditional Jarrah

Solid Pine, Jarrah Gloss Finish (Walnut & Natural Gloss Finish also available)

Enviro Urns

For the earth-friendly and eco-conscious, we recommend biodegradable, environmentally friendly alternatives, enviro urns are ideal for land and sea scattering or burial. These are made of recycled and/or sustainably sourced biodegradable materials.

  • Guaranteed “green”, made from recycled materials
  • Crafted especially for sea burials, sea memorials and ocean scatterings
  • Breaks down when buried in soil.

Peaceful Pillow Fern Urn

The Peaceful Pillow Urn makes a scattering or burial an event, and is a unique way to accept and express a loved one’s passing.

These sturdy and easy to use urns are water friendly for both ocean, lake or wide river. Each Peaceful Pillow Fern Urn is a “green” urn accented with real leaves and petals. The urns can be placed directly into the water and will slip under the water within minutes.

Idea for travel to your destination. Each urn has a hemp closure and bag (water soluble, biodegradable, made of corn starch,). Full instructions are included.

100% biodegradable. Approved by the Green Burial Council.

Eco Friendly Scattering Tubes

Our Scattering Tubes are designed to provide dignity and personality to the scattering process. The tubes are durable and simple to use, feature a removable lid and a convenient perforated “push in” tab. The tubes contain no metal or plastic and so can be recycled or composted.

Aqua Journey Urn

Beautifully fabricated by hand from recycled and earth friendly materials. The design features a white centre wrap with embedded evergreen sprigs over the aqua coloured container.

For water use, the urn is engineered to float for approximately five minutes before descending gracefully. For land use, it biodegrades naturally over time. Easy to load, and includes a water-soluble plastic bag.

Capacity: 4.75 Litres

Dimensions: 33 x 34 x 7.5 cms

Cremation & Memorial Jewellery



Infinite Love