Phillip & Bronwyn have cared for three of my deceased loved ones, the latest being my late brother in law Rodney Hider who passed an the 8th November .The service ,care & compassion they provided from the time they visited my home to make arrangements ,to the funeral service today [16th November 2020] was exceptional.

Nothing I asked was too much trouble ,and they accommodated every request I made . I must have rung them 10 times at all hours of the day or night and never a problem to answer my questions or send me the material I needed, regardless of the hour .They are available 24/7 to their clients, which is a rarity with funeral directors.

I also shopped around for other funeral directors before settling on Candlepines again, and ALL three of the other ones were more expensive for the” exact same service” that Candlepines provided. All three also tried to upsell me on things I said I did not want, trying to make me feel guilty for not choosing a more expensive casket or embalming ,even though Rodney was going to be cremated ,as well as a host of other things I did not want. Candlepines were the “only” funeral directors I spoke to that did not try to guilt me into spending more money . It’s clearly not just about money for them. They are more interested in making their clients happy.

I am delighted with the service i got and would not hesitate to recommend them for anyone who needs a funeral director to treat their loved ones with total respect.

Bronwyn acted as master of ceremonies and did a wonderful job, quoting poems and things I wanted to be said. The service was beautiful ,and everyone that attended agreed. Candlepines are caring compassionate and wonderful to deal with.

I would not hesitate to recommend Candlepines Funeral Services to care for your loved ones, and I am happy to be contacted for further information if necessary. Regards Andrew Leniart – Hoppers Crossing Victoria.

Andrew Leniart