On this day we remember Gaynor Therese Mead on the Second Anniversary of her passing.

In a world where light and shadow blend, Gaynor Therese Mead, a beacon, friend. Her laughter, a melody, pure and clear, A symphony of joy, so dear.

In gardens of life, she danced, she sowed, Nurturing love, watching it grow. With hands so gentle, a touch so kind, A soul so vibrant, a brilliant mind.

Through storms and sunshine, she held her grace, A radiant smile upon her face. In every heart, she planted a seed, Of courage, of hope, in every deed.

Her journey, a tapestry, rich and wide, With threads of memories, side by side. In every color, in every hue, Gaynor's spirit, forever true.

As seasons change, as years will pass, Her legacy, a love that'll always last. In whispers of wind, in the stars above, Gaynor Therese Mead, remembered with love.

So here's to Gaynor, whose life was a song, A melody that will echo long. In the hearts she touched, her light remains, A beautiful soul, where love sustains.