We offer a range of choices and options for your service

Vehicles & Transport

Choose from cars or limousines to transport you in one of our mourning coaches.

Funeral Stationery

Choose from our range of stationary options including; order of service book’s, memorial books, Santini Cards, bookmarks and more…

Dove & Butterfly Releases

Symbolise the passing of your lived one with the release of doves or butterflies.

Vehicles & Transport


Choose from our range of mourning coaches from 4 passenger sedans to 12 passenger super stretch limousines in black or silver. Car hire is offered for a minimum of 3 hours with dove release available on request.

Silver or Black Chrysler 300 Mourning Coach (4 passenger Sedan)

Super Stretch Limousines

Mourning Coach (11 & 12 passenger Silver Limousine)

Black Chrysler Jet Door(13 passenger)

Funeral Stationery

Price will be quoted on request.

Memorial Books

We can make a memorial book using 40 photos of your loved ones. 

You can choose to include pages for guests to sign in the back, or just have a memorial book with just pages for signing.

There are two different covers available.

Remembering with love
Img 2123 scaled

Order of Service Books

4 or 8 pages, digitally printed, cover in colour, inside B&W folded to A5.
Lots of 50 books.

Santini Cards

This traditional Santini Card features an image 0f Jesus, Our Lady or a Saint or on the front cover. A photograph of the deceased and biographical text is placed on the left-hand inner page. The right-hand inner page can be used to hold the text of a prayer, a thank-you message or can be left blank. This 4 page folded card is printed on 250gsm heavy-weight stock. The finished size is 85mm x 134 mm and is designed to fit into an 11B envelope
Order: Lots of 50


50mm x 170mm printed in colour 2 sides on 250gsm rhino board and trim to size

Purchased in lots of 50 Bookmarks.

Ribbon Blooming Remembrance

Sold in packs of 10
Approx size 50x 50x 3mm

Handmade, from recycled paper, that is inlaid with fresh flower petals and wildflower seeds.

When planted and watered, the ornament blooms into wildflowers, creating a living memorial to the deceased.


Dove & Butterfly Releases

White Doves

The release of doves is a special way to honour your loved one’s memory. Doves are a universal symbol of peace, hope and freedom. It may also represent letting go, giving people closure as part of the grieving process.


$140 call out fee + $20 per dove (includes GST) Note: Additional call out fee for various cemeteries eg. Springvale, Yan Yean, Bunurong.


The release of butterflies is a unique and memorable way to celebrate your loved one’s life. The beautiful and numerous butterflies fill the sky with colour.


Environmentally friendly tributes

We are committed to helping communities say goodbye to loved ones in the best way possible while protecting the environment.

That’s why it’s important to be aware releasing balloons into the environment is not permitted under the Environment Protection Act.

Individuals and/or companies who do so can receive a significant fine or penalty.

If you are wanting to incorporate balloons into a tribute, the EPA website lists a range of alternatives that you can share.

We also encourage you to share this information with family and friends.

For more information, visit https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/balloons