The Adass Israel Cemetery in Melbourne is a Jewish burial ground affiliated with one of the city’s Orthodox Jewish congregations, the Adass Israel community. The cemetery is purpose-built to inter mourn the members of the Adass Israel community in accordance with Jewish burial observances and practices.

Candlepines is a well-regarded funeral service provider that provides a variety of services, including Jewish community services. We are widely acknowledged for our proficient and courteous manner in handling funeral preparations, which guarantees the fulfilment of the unique religious and cultural requirements of the families it assists.

Observance of particular customs and traditions is customary at Jewish burials, including expeditious interment, recitation of designated prayers, and observance of shiva (a period of mourning). At Candlepines we possess the necessary expertise to accommodate these practices, thereby guaranteeing that the funeral services they deliver adhere strictly to Jewish customs.

It is imperative to acknowledge that funeral arrangements and services may differ significantly across communities and individual inclinations. Consequently, the particular services provided by Candlepines at the Adass Israel Cemetery may be contingent upon the requirements and desires of the bereaved families. It is advisable to acquire the most precise and comprehensive information by directly contacting Candlepines or the Adass Israel community.

712 Princes Highway
Springvale 3172

Phone Number
1300 471 713

After Sandown overpass
turn into service lane
and turn left at the Shooters Range.

Open Times
Sunday – Thursday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am to 2 hours before Shabbos
Closed Shabbos and Yom Tov
Open Public Holidays