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The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult and stressful times that a family has to face.  Dealing with the loss of a dear family member is difficult enough – but the experience is made even more stressful when the whole funeral process needs to be arranged.

 Your decisions can be made now for later. You can consult your family members. Your wishes and choices will be recorded.

This way you can make calm rational decisions instead of emotional family members, who may not be able to make decisions as clearly and quickly as they would under normal circumstances.

We understand. We have helped many families over many years to take away the stress of death by arranging a pre-paid funeral.

The Candlepines staff are committed to providing pre-paid funeral plans to Melbourne clients who want to remove some of the strain that comes with the difficult process of laying a loved one to rest. With our pre-paid funeral plans we help to provide our clients with a sense of clarity and organisation in what is a confusing and emotionally taxing time.

A bit of planning goes a long way

No one can take away the pain that comes with the death of a family member, but pre-arrangement is one of the most loving things we can do for those around us – and it’s such a simple and personal process.

At Candlepines we offer straightforward and hassle-free services in pre-paid funeral plans for Melbourne clients, providing them with a compassionate, understanding, and personal service, as well as lasting peace of mind.

But Doesn’t My Life Insurance Take Care of Funeral Expenses?

Most of us have some type of life insurance. Sometimes this was purchased to provide financial security or relief to the family when our death occurs. There are 3 important points to note about life insurance.

1. Life insurance can’t make your funeral arrangements

Your policy may cover the expenses, but it won’t replace the most important part of pre-arrangement – planning the service, selecting the casket and providing all the important information to government

2. Life insurance won’t freeze your funeral arrangement costs

When you arrange a pre-paid funeral with Candlepines, all of the costs of interment fees, funeral services and caskets freeze as of the date of the purchase agreement. As prices increase in the future, your services are not affected.

If you rely on insurance proceeds, which typically don’t increase to offset inflation, your family will have to spend a greater percentage of the insurance proceeds for the cost of cemetery and funeral arrangements.

3. Life insurances processes are best used to cover unforeseen costs

In too many cases, insurance benefits are used to pay the costs of hospitals, nursing homes, doctor and nursing bills, ambulances and other costs which cannot be planned in advance.

If your cemetery and funeral home arrangements are made ahead of time, you will have more of the insurance proceeds to cover those ‘unknowns’.

Reasons why pre-arrangement is beneficial to your family

1. You’ll be able to make better decisions

Pre-arranging is not an emotional process – it’s a business decision. Since you’re not in a hurry, you can carefully consider all of your choices, and select the options that are best for you and your family.

2. You’ll be able to freeze costs and budget your purchase

When you pre-arrange, you freeze costs against future price increases. Pre-need arrangements can be made on an instalment basis, tailored to fit your budget requirements. If you wait until a death occurs, the entire amount is due immediately, and could place a financial hardship on your family.

At Candlepines, our counsellors are trained to be responsive to the needs of your family in the pre-arrangement of your funeral arrangement needs, and to make you aware of all the options.

3. You’ll save your family from having to make all the decisions when a death occurs

When you have arranged a pre-paid funeral, there is much less stress on the family. The plans you have made are carried out, and the family is relieved from having to make all the decisions at a time when they are emotionally upset.

All the family’s decisions about the cemetery and funeral home can be made ahead of time ¬- when the family can think more clearly without the emotion that comes with death. With pre-paid funerals, you select the type of services you wish to have, the casket, burial plot and headstone.

We record all of the details that we will need when a death occurs such as parents’ names, veterans’ information, names and addresses of next of kin. We even record small but very important information such as your favourite music and verses so they can be incorporated into your service.

To learn more about our services in pre-paid funeral plans, Melbourne clients are encouraged to contact our qualified and experienced staff today.